The New Tone of Civility

Posted: February 28, 2011 in Uncategorized
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After the tragic shooting of Gabby Giffords in AZ our Fearless (or Fearful) Leader called for a new tone in politics, calling on civility and a change in our mindset. We were asked to be kind and watch what we say, to remove the crosshairs and negativity when discussing our opponents. This is a good idea, we should be civil. We are all people, why shouldn’t we be civilized to each other.  Before I go further, just to get something straight here, when I am discussing this, I am referring to both sides of the aisle. Nobody should be making posters with crosshairs over anyone’s face, or referring to anyone as Hitler. It’s wrong, free speech or not, IT.IS.WRONG.

During this incredibly trying time in Badgerland I have seen all of these things in Madison on signs, in speech. Hate coming (more like spewing) from the liberals. Threats of brutality. True story, when I went to Madison for the tea party, I had a walking cast on and I was actually threatened and mocked by union thugs, including a union nurse, glad those people aren’t my caretakers. Sheesh.

Then to hear this (Confirmed by Charlie Sykes), well, this sickens me:

“Last Friday…. after the Assembly voted to engross the Budget Repair Bill, [Oshkosh Democrat State Rep. Gordon] Hintz turned to a female colleague, Rep. Michelle Litjens and said: “You are Fucking dead!

Sykes went on to add that he had queried Rep. Litjens about the alleged incident over the weekend, and that Litjens confirmed Hintz’ comment in the exact verbiage.

Someone, please tell me, why are the liberal’s excused from the “New Tone”? People have absolutely no respect for their fellow-man anymore. You can still disagree with someone without hating them, I have proven this in my own family and with my friends. We don’t agree on plenty of things, but we move on push forward. Yes sometimes we fight about it and maybe don’t talk until things are simmered down, but we are CIVIL. I challenge everyone to try it, it’s nice.

BTW: Hat tip to for the quote.

  1. Deeka says:

    Found you via Chicks on the Right.

    The behavior of the Left has been reprehensible in this debate. It is always clear the Left gets more shrill when they are in danger of losing their power. They know it is win-or-lose right here. We must make them lose.

  2. dave says:

    Proud of you, keep on blogging

  3. Civil says:

    Both sides get crazy when things dont go there way, dont act as if republicans are immune to being uncivil. I thought this albeit slightly dated example was particularily ironic. An anti-war protest organized by the RNC ended with violence.

    Don’t confuse the few bad eggs with the whole batch being evil. Both sides have during some time or another done terrible things, and i believe the cross hairs were initiated by the flagship tea party extremist Sarah Palin…

    A quick view of diametrically opposed news stations will put the protests in a completly different right. One side compares the protests to the riots in the middle east, while the other points fingers at the supporters calling them thugs.

    I agree we should be civil in our discussion but don’t act as if the right has always been righteous.

  4. Civil says:

    This was far more directed at deeka’s response than yours, yours had a much fairer tone to it

  5. TC says:

    I must be missing the point of the above link and accompanying story. War protesters attacked those attending a RNC convention where McCain was going to announce the (R) nod to run for POTUS.

    The protest groups were there for what purpose again? and WHY did they march to the Xcel Energy Ctr where McCain was going to be speaking.

    Lets take a look at who started the protests ..

    Police estimated a crowd of 8,000-10,000 at the event organized by the Coalition to March on the RNC and Stop the War

    (gee.. one look at Google for those groups just OOZES peaceful like thoughts)

    Whose streets? Our streets!” yelled a young demonstrators who clashed with law enforcement.
    As activists tried to push through police barricades to make their way down to the convention center
    (wait.. WHAT? these people were FORCING THEIR WAY through police barricades and things got VIOLENT because they were threatening the police AS well as those that were attending the RNC gathering – and a side note? their chant just seals the mentality of who was behind this .. )

    According to the organizers, the protest was officially endorsed by more than 125 national and local organizations.

    (Google that list – another fine list of peaceful gatherers .. not.)

    .. Enthusiastic demonstrators screamed “war isn’t the answer!”, some inciting violence against police trying to control the march.

    (WAIT AGAIN! it WASN’T RNC attendee’s who were VIOLENT?)

    .. so again, I must ask: where are you trying to spin that (R)s were violent during this story? you stated:

    “Both sides get crazy when things dont go there way, dont act as if republicans are immune to being uncivil. I thought this albeit slightly dated example was particularily ironic. An anti-war protest organized by the RNC ended with violence.”

    um. your slightly dated example is about those AGAINST the RNC (hence: march UPON the RNC) who used VIOLENCE to protest war and .. (I agree: this IS particularly ironic actually, more ironic is your posting the link to show exactly what it is this blogger is saying: it’s not coming from the (R) – but those that think differently. – top of the website (and their banner) shows they were NOT RNC

    and while I do not think the (R)s are always righteous, I’ll stick with the bulk of their thoughts vs what the alternative is.

    • Civil was missing the entire point of my post. I was trying to call attention to the fact the our current POTUS called for a new tone, yet here in WI we are still seeing death threats that are being ignored by law enforcement and the msm. So at this point civility is a moot point in WI which is what Civil misses with his outdated reference.

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