Stupidity knows no bounds

Posted: March 4, 2011 in Fleebaggers, Senators, WI Union
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Democratic state senator Lena Taylor gave an interview to WLS in Chicago, so I have to thank her for the comedic relief that I got while listening to it. Once you hear it you’ll see what I mean. She is an embarrassment to the state of WI, I have compared her intellect to that of a box of rocks, but I am afraid I may have insulted the rocks. There is nothing in the interview that she says that makes any sense at all and each time she is asked a question all she does is dance around it and throw out some BS “facts” or accuse Gov Walker of this and that. You need to hear it for yourself. IL can keep her for all I care. There has to be someone in that group of 14 that has more common sense than she does. So here’s the link, I hope you can laugh like I did (although I will admit that I had to stop half way through because I couldn’t stand to listen to someone that stupid for that long, I did go back and listen to the rest, it only got worse). Hope you all enjoy.


Thanks to James T Harris for posting this gem on FB.

  1. kristelrn says:

    The worst part is, people VOTED her into office! Scary!

  2. Negotiation says:

    They are not holding up democracy. Democracy is not about showing up and having other people vote for something that poles show the majority doesn’t support.

    Explain to me why you support the following items in the bill, and how they help balance the budget and i will concede that perhaps the bill is a good idea

    1) Removing the income cap on school choice meaning that someone who makes $250,000 a year and pays for there kids to go to private school will now get a check equal to almost there entire state tax bill

    2) State health care not paying for birth control HUH?

    3) Selling state property without taking competitive bids, trying to balance the budget should imply basic profit maximizing ideas

    4) Stripping cooperative bargaining which will mean that no union members who have currently signed contracts will not be willing to reopen them

    5) How walker saying he would only negotiate to trick the democrats into returning

    6) Breaking up the UW-System, generally when things are in one unit they can amass money saving economies of scale

    7) over $100 million in tax breaks

    8) Tution hikes of 20% followed by three years of 10% tution hikes in a time when employers need highly skilled workers

    9) 30-40% reductions to tech colleges and other state agencies

    There is at least one thing above i support but i feel as if most people supporting walker are blindly following him, and think that passing a bill with any negotiation whatsoever is a good idea. All political groups take money from somewhere and republicans take it from big business.

    The presence of unions is a good thing for all middle class workers, there mere existence keeps wage pressure higher. In a time when American middle class is shrinking and wages are dropping unions are a necessity.

    Why should the majority party get to pass anything they want completely uncontested, they won most of there elections by an incredibly small margin. I supported walker when he was running but think that this bill will utterly destroy wisconsin.

    I wanted the budget balanced, but I will move to another state that values education and worker rights if this is the future of my state.

    Walker is at least as much to blame as are the democrats, and the senate destroyed the faith of the democrats by making i clear democracy is not about negotiation.

    Once again, I supported walker when he was running for election, but i DID NOT ASK HIM TO PUT 70 KIDS IN A CLASSROOM

    Public education has done wonders for me, and I would hate to not let my kids have the same opportunity i had. America is the land of opportunity, education is what got us where we are. Investing in human capital has huge returns to the long run tax base this is a highly proven un-debatable fact. There are other ways to balance the budget without utterly destroying our children s opportunity for success.

  3. Negotiation says:

    #4 needs clarification

    Contracts already signed are legally binding. Unions have said they will reopen there contracts if you leave them there bargaining rights. If you do not, they will not reopen there contracts, and they state will still be stuck with the bill.
    Negotiations with unions benefit both sides of the line, and do not cost taxpayers more money. Most things unions bargain for are not monetary in value, and there are laws in place limiting the total raise in compensation packages to 3.25% in wisconsin.
    It doesn’t cost the state more to pay it in the form of pay versus insurance, hence why public sector salaries lag the public.
    So adjusting the percent changes lower, and forcing them to take a pay cut will put the budget back in line, without the need to remove bargaining rights.

  4. Deeka says:

    Where do I start?

    The polls are wrong and skewed. I won’t convince you of that, but the next election cycle might.

    1. Public schools are abject failures in everything except indoctrinating children in Leftist politics. I think the willingness of teachers to propagandize their students over the Budget Repair bill is evidence enough. Give parents a choice in how to educate their children, rather than require they be sent to war zones.

    2. Why should the state pay for birth control? If you don’t want a pregnancy, don’t do the horizontal mambo.

    3. The state shouldn’t own the property in the first place. And since when did no-bid bother the Left? Certainly not during the Doyle Administration. (for the record, I prefer the bid process, but Democrats and other assorted Leftists have no standing)

    4. “Cooperative bargaining”: The definition of the problem. You don’t see an inherent conflict of interest here? The people on one side negotiating with those who provide them campaign funds and in return providing government largess at the expense of the taxpayer? I’m the freakin’ employer here. I pay the wages and benefits. Where’s MY seat at the table.

    5. Walker shouldn’t negotiate. He should go to court to have those seats vacated. Dereliction of duty.

    6. When I see savings out of the UW system, maybe I’ll buy this argument.

    7. You mean the tax breaks for business to come here and create jobs? THOSE tax breaks?

    8. The tuition increases will stop when nobody goes to the college. Supply and demand. We pay the University system more than the market will bear.

    9. See #8.

    Big Business has to make their own way. Big Labor should do the same. I work in a union shop (as management). The company does not do “cooperative bargaining”. They can’t; it’s their money and lifeblood. Public sector unions and politicians who “cooperatively negotiate” with them are raping the taxpayer and it stops now.

    If you use the term “proven fact” or similar, it is clear the public schools have NOT been good to you. Not for education at any rate.

    Failure to eliminate bargaining (it’s not a “right”) will return us to this unsustainable path in a very short time. Again, failure to see that is a result of a failure in your education.

  5. Negotiation says:

    Public schools do an amazing job educating our children when we let them. I have pursued a public education from elementary to graduate school, and would go about it no other way. I never once had a teacher inject there political views into me. Before walker tried to pull this bullshit i aligned myself more republican.

    Cooperative bargaining goes both ways, and has restrictions in place as to how much of an increase in yearly costs is allowed. If you want a seat at the table then adjust the allowable increase. The allowable increase is on total compensation packages, currently in WI limited to 3.25%
    If you take issue with that number i have no problem, saying that those people cant say that they would rather have 2.5% of it go towards there health care premiums, and .75% go to salary increase costs YOU THE TAXPAYER THE SAME AMOUNT

    The tuition increases will not stop when people stop going to college, it is far cheaper to add an additional student to a class of 200 especially in the intro classes that are the only ones that truly generate revenue for universities.
    Supply and demand dictates many things, but the primary driver in tution costs nation wide in the last decade has been continualy reduced funding, not increasing costs.

    Health insurance should pay for birth control, women having children before they are ready is a huge cause of crime, look into the economic study by Stephen levitz. Yes it may have been popularized by freakonomics but it is based on a well respected academic study.

    AND MY PROVEN FACT IS SOLID, look up a paper called on the mechanics of economic development Robert E Lucas University of Chicago JME 1988
    In it he sites a few dozen economic papers that have solidly demonstrated that investment in education is one of the best ways government can improve long-run economic growth.

    Perhaps you could look up the paper, but you could not possibly read it because your education most likely didn’t cover enough math for you to understand the first equation in the paper.

    However plenty of people have put into simpler terms the idea that education helps long run productivity, have you heard of computers?
    Yes someone with a degree invented 98% of the programming on them
    HOw bought your house, someone who was trained as an electrician allowed you to turn it on
    How about your car, a team of engineers designed it. In fact the foriegn companies took a huge chunk of the US market by investing in better designs.

    Education is important, and my education did not fail me to demonstrate this. Also a Poll that has a 3% margin of error that is 70- 30 in favor has a probability so small of not being at least 50% it is literally impossible.

    Once again my mathematics background that proves this is true must have failed me but the t-score on that is something like 10, when a 2 would give you less than a 3% chance of something being smaller than 50%.

    Even accounting for survey bias you cant move a margin by 20%

  6. As Ron “Tater Salad” White once said, “You can’t fix stupid.”

  7. Deeka says:

    Do I jump back in to this futility? Or do I tilt at windmills?

    There is no bargaining in the public-sector union arena. Only collusion. It’s going on right now before your eyes. While the cowardly Democrat Senators are AWOL, MATC in Milwaukee and a number of school districts as well as municipalities are making sweetheart deals with their unions before the budget repair bill passes.

    Explain to me, since you are telling us how brilliant you are with your mathematics background, how supply and demand does not work with university tuition? Yes, they are highly subsidized, but in the end, the market has driven the cost up and will drive the cost down. Since the “funding” comes from the same place as “tuition” (i.e. someone out there is working for a living to pay it; it doesn’t just come out of thin air) how can cost NOT drive up tuition?

    How about we have men and women be responsible about their sexual choices? Gosh, that never worked before, did it? (

    Ah, the “you’re so stupid” argument. The last gasp. I won’t dignify that with my degree in Engineering.

    And I go back to the use of the term “proven fact” – the “irregardless” of argument. I rest that part of my case.

    Statistics don’t lie. Statisticians do. The manner of bias may be in the way the questions are asked, the sample size and weighting or methodology used.

    I never said education is not important. What I said was public schools are an abject failure and fail those most vulnerable – the poor and minorities.

    THAT is the “proven fact” here (GAWD I loathe that term).

    • Deeka, I have a feeling that I know who our commentator is (someone from my own family, if I am wrong sorry). He has an agenda. But the typical you are too stupid to understand argument sounds right for him as he is in school finishing an advanced degree in a math field. His sister in law is of course a teacher as is his mother in law, and father in law is also in a union. So there’s the flaw right there. And as for the birth control issue, I don’t want my tax money paying for it. If you don’t want to get knocked up, keep your legs closed or go get your own condoms, hell go to planned parenthood, they had them out like candy.

  8. Negotiation says:
    This is a large part of the reason that federal employees need no collective bargaining. Economists who calculate these prevailing wage rates use union wages, and most are adjusted on a perdiem basis anyhow.

    No i have no agenda, just feel that blindly supporting one side is highly illogical.

    Supply and demand breaks down in education alot, there is a large degree of evidence of this in low income countries, however a much simpler explanation is a basic game theory argument.

    When you choose your education level, you in essence choose based on your own set of oppurtunities that level which offers you the least amount of resistance. In doing so you disregard the fact that if everyone colludes and chooses a slightly higher level of education the marginal gain of that say additional year of schooling will be equivalent to an additional year and a half.

    Also, supply is not limited in education. Many programs have no cap on enrollment, and with an increasingly prevalent availability of online education programs there is a large number of openings with many schools aggressively competing for candidates. Demand increase i feel contributes a very small percentage of the overall increase in tuition prices.

    At topped ranked universities this is certainly true, as competition for the very best students and others drives up their value relative to other universities, however this does not account for increases in average universities where an oversupply of average academics cuase there to be stiff competition to get any job, not stiff competition to hire people.

    The idea comes from papers analyzing why capital does not flow from rich to poor countries, and the basic accepted idea is that the higher is the average education level the higher is the productivity gain from being educated.

    Secondly, people will continue to have sex. It wont stop, especially among low-income and other groups where it is more-likely to be unprotected. A birth-control prescription is by far the cheapest way to address this. It is a minimal expense, and FTR planned parent hood gets alot of tax money.

    Your data you posted deeka, shows a huge increasing trend in the first graph. Birth control is a simple realistic, and inexpensive solution.

    Cutting money from public education will not make it more likely to succeed, especially among those you claim it fails the most.

    Only time will tell weather or not this works out for the better. I pray my analysis is flawed however realize that simply by accepting the budget forecasts you are accepting the same basic set of arguments that support that investment in education is good for the long run health of the economy.

  9. Negotiation says:

    One last point and I rest my case. Take it as i will, but all i ask is you look at all sides. Here is an almost overly simple breakdown of what is going on.

    The salary cuts save 300 million through the end of this fiscal year and onto the beinniel budget
    175,000 state employees equals $1714 per employee, a few dollars more if you count the initial 30 million

    a population of 5.5 million in wisconsin, we will say half pay taxes so 2.75 million, labor force participation rate usually runs between 60-70% so a low estimate

    3.6billion deficit, less the 300 million we saved comes to 3.3 billion

    divide my 2.75 million leaves us with $1200 per taxpaying citizen. So the average government worker must contribute this in addition to the 1714, for a $3000 liability versus a 1200 for the average taxpayer.

    This is fair why, when on average accounting education they get less total compensation including benefits then a private sector worker. I will say that due to the expense of pensions, there compensation is a wash, but still why should considering there compensation is equal they have to pay more.

    Before denouncing education as an abject failure, before sayinerg less than .01 of your taxes cant go to providing birth control, before cutting 900 million from education you likely got to take part in. Sit down, debate, and discuss all options. We are in a fiscal crisis not just on wisconsin but as a nation.

    Health care costs are out of control, we make decisions everyday as a country which trade jobs for efficiency. Both good and bad. The partisan politics going on leads to near dictatorial decisions being made. Democracy is about discussion, debating, using facts, and then presenting opinions. All sides must be heard, and negotiation should be made. I support ALOT of republican policies, but in a time when middle class jobs are fast disappearing, and wage dispersion is increasing maybe we should not do anything to weaken those organizations that have spent decades fighting for our current work conditions.

    Just because we have laws in place where unions used to be, doesn’t mean as we have seen tonight that things cant take steps backwards.

    Almost every cut in the budget bill is necessary, as we cant afford to take 1200 from every citizen in WI, however I would be willing to give part of that 1200, and contribute to the more important things like education. I know it has to be cut now, but i dont think it must be this drastic.

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