So yesterday I waited (and waited) for president Obama to discuss the budget. I’m still waiting. He spoke yesterday in his typical fashion of speaking but saying nothing. He did however kick off his re-election campaign for 2012 in typical Obama (or Obummer) style.

The goal of his speech (other than to kick start his campaign) was to scare the crap out of 1) Seniors, 2) families, & 3) students by telling them that we weren’t going to have the money to take care of our own people. He started things off just as I expected, blaming Bush for everything while taking responsibility for NOTHING. That’s his thing though, he places the burden on everyone else so he doesn’t have to take responsibility for anything, a typical characteristic of an insecure man-child.

He stated that “everything was on the table” but in Obama’s world (and also Boehner’s apparently) everything=nothing, and investment=spending. His answer, tax the rich some more, the rich who pay over 50% of the nations taxes, which he also reminded us several times during his speech how rich he was. Obama spoke of the CBO’s worthy goals, but went on to disregard them. In the words of Paul Ryan, he appeared that he was going to offer an olive branch but instead poisoned the well.

He refuses to cut any entitlement programs, and wants to continue spending. Our problem is NOT with taxation. It is with all of the spending. It’s like giving your teenager your credit card and say “go nuts”.  It’s craziness. What we need right now is Paul Ryan’s plan. Make the cuts now so the money is there for the future.  I am posting the link  to the  the video of Paul Ryan’s plan (for some reason I can’t post it here, please go look its worth the view) because he explains it so much better than I can:

This is what this country needs right now.  Not the continued spending that our president proposes. He wants to cut defense spending, do you think that is a good idea? I certainly don’t, this is not the time for that.

I found the most ridiculous part of that farce of a speech to be his “if we don’t reach the goal by 2014 we’ll cut more then”. He sounds like an addict, saying “I can quit anytime I want to”. If we were to follow his plan on “investing” we will get nowhere. His plans are going to destroy the future for my children, their children, so on and so on. That is what upsets me the most, he is going to destroy this country and my kids are going to have to pay for this.  We are screwed if we follow his non existent cuts.

Since this was his campaign kick off speech, let us makes sure that he is a one term president. We can’t afford to have him in office any longer. We can’t afford a president who refuses to do anything about raising energy prices because all he is concerned about is his clean energy plan. He’s a condescending man-child who is very apparently insecure. Obama was not qualified to begin with, and has learned nothing since taking office. I hope that this nation can remember this when 2012 rolls around.

  1. LAF says:

    I had one thought after he was done babbling, he really is a great campaigner. That’s it. And as you said, he offered NO solutions, just scare tactics (verbatim of his previous election campaign schpeel). He might’ve well have said, “I got nothing, you all figure it out, OH…and try to play nicely together.”

    Obamas really think they are living Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous don’t they? They find time to be on Good Morning America, Entertainment Tonight and soon, Oprah. Amazing….

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