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Democratic state senator Lena Taylor gave an interview to WLS in Chicago, so I have to thank her for the comedic relief that I got while listening to it. Once you hear it you’ll see what I mean. She is an embarrassment to the state of WI, I have compared her intellect to that of a box of rocks, but I am afraid I may have insulted the rocks. There is nothing in the interview that she says that makes any sense at all and each time she is asked a question all she does is dance around it and throw out some BS “facts” or accuse Gov Walker of this and that. You need to hear it for yourself. IL can keep her for all I care. There has to be someone in that group of 14 that has more common sense than she does. So here’s the link, I hope you can laugh like I did (although I will admit that I had to stop half way through because I couldn’t stand to listen to someone that stupid for that long, I did go back and listen to the rest, it only got worse). Hope you all enjoy.


Thanks to James T Harris for posting this gem on FB.


Have you seen us, you know, the cowardly 14 Senators who fled the state of Wisconsin because they weren’t going to get their own way? These 14 claim to be representing the taxpayers and protecting us from Governor Walker. What they are really protecting is their own interests and the unions (the minority of the state). If they support this bill they lose union support, and therefore the dirty money the unions give to them and any chance of ever being reelected. They all deserve to be recalled for bailing on this state, but recall laws require 12 months to have passed before this can happen. So in the mean time, look out for them like our Tea Party friends in Rockford and Chicago have been (Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!). Haul them back here to do the job they were elected and also are being paid to do.

I’d also like to personally thank the fleebagger Lena Taylor for praying for my soul for she feels I am misguided, HA. I don’t need her prayers, God and I know the difference between right and wrong, and Lena my dear you are WRONG WRONG WRONG and when the time comes you and the rest will all be recalled.

I am posting their pictures just in case you need a reminder of what the fleebaggers look like. Round em up and bring em home.

Have you seen us?