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Washington is giving me a headache, anyone else? Here are my thoughts on the matter. It is a free country, disagree as you see fit (and lefties, you can go ahead and say what you want, I have heard it all before).

1) Cut the entitlements & spending.

2) Don’t raise our taxes, if you cut the extra crap we don’t need to have our taxes raised. I am tired of the tax the rich rhetoric being spewed by the left. I may not be rich, but it is very un-capitalistic to penalize people for being successful. Also, if you increase corporate taxes how do you expect jobs to be created? Savings in taxes will help.

3) Don’t default on the debt, if this happens our country is doomed to the fate of Greece. If you think this won’t have an effect on you personally, YOU ARE DEAD WRONG! If the country is downgraded to an AA rating it will hurt us as individuals. It will be harder than it already is to get a job, interest rates will go up and this country will go down in flames. It may seem pessimistic, but it is the truth and sometimes the truth hurts!

I have 2 very little reasons to think this way.  Their future is the most important thing to me.  They need to have one.  With the way the left is spending they won’t and that is unacceptable. It is time to stand up to Washington and tell them what we want and what America needs. I am not ready to see this country crash and burn and I hope you aren’t either.

I am leaving you with the latest video from Steven Crowder. It is very to the point. No more bailouts, government does not belong in capitalism. Let failing business fail so other business can thrive, the circle of life.