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So you know how the lefties are constantly saying how hateful us GOP/Tea Partiers are? Well I have some news for you THEY LIE! Oh no wait, you knew that already (I am assuming you do, you guys aren’t idiots).

Last night on Twitter I personally experienced some of that Liberal hate. You’ll see it for yourself momentarily. I did kind of sink to the level of this troll in the fact that I did call her a bitch (but I have a feeling you will agree after you see what she said). I kept wondering is she serious? Is this what you get when you don’t agree with the Left? Personal attacks? If you don’t agree with me fine, it’s a free country, we are allowed to disagree, but find a point and call me out on it. So I won’t keep you in suspense, here are the incredibly hateful and hurtful things said to me, and honestly I was bothered for awhile but now I just laugh. Click on each image to see in detail.

So Liberals, is this how you represent yourselves now? I can answer that for you YES! In the protests in Madison, town hall meetings, you make yourselves look like a bunch of asses.  But hey go for it. The more you do it, the better we look. Just sayin…


After the tragic shooting of Gabby Giffords in AZ our Fearless (or Fearful) Leader called for a new tone in politics, calling on civility and a change in our mindset. We were asked to be kind and watch what we say, to remove the crosshairs and negativity when discussing our opponents. This is a good idea, we should be civil. We are all people, why shouldn’t we be civilized to each other.  Before I go further, just to get something straight here, when I am discussing this, I am referring to both sides of the aisle. Nobody should be making posters with crosshairs over anyone’s face, or referring to anyone as Hitler. It’s wrong, free speech or not, IT.IS.WRONG.

During this incredibly trying time in Badgerland I have seen all of these things in Madison on signs, in speech. Hate coming (more like spewing) from the liberals. Threats of brutality. True story, when I went to Madison for the tea party, I had a walking cast on and I was actually threatened and mocked by union thugs, including a union nurse, glad those people aren’t my caretakers. Sheesh.

Then to hear this (Confirmed by Charlie Sykes), well, this sickens me:

“Last Friday…. after the Assembly voted to engross the Budget Repair Bill, [Oshkosh Democrat State Rep. Gordon] Hintz turned to a female colleague, Rep. Michelle Litjens and said: “You are Fucking dead!

Sykes went on to add that he had queried Rep. Litjens about the alleged incident over the weekend, and that Litjens confirmed Hintz’ comment in the exact verbiage.

Someone, please tell me, why are the liberal’s excused from the “New Tone”? People have absolutely no respect for their fellow-man anymore. You can still disagree with someone without hating them, I have proven this in my own family and with my friends. We don’t agree on plenty of things, but we move on push forward. Yes sometimes we fight about it and maybe don’t talk until things are simmered down, but we are CIVIL. I challenge everyone to try it, it’s nice.

BTW: Hat tip to for the quote.