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So you know how the lefties are constantly saying how hateful us GOP/Tea Partiers are? Well I have some news for you THEY LIE! Oh no wait, you knew that already (I am assuming you do, you guys aren’t idiots).

Last night on Twitter I personally experienced some of that Liberal hate. You’ll see it for yourself momentarily. I did kind of sink to the level of this troll in the fact that I did call her a bitch (but I have a feeling you will agree after you see what she said). I kept wondering is she serious? Is this what you get when you don’t agree with the Left? Personal attacks? If you don’t agree with me fine, it’s a free country, we are allowed to disagree, but find a point and call me out on it. So I won’t keep you in suspense, here are the incredibly hateful and hurtful things said to me, and honestly I was bothered for awhile but now I just laugh. Click on each image to see in detail.

So Liberals, is this how you represent yourselves now? I can answer that for you YES! In the protests in Madison, town hall meetings, you make yourselves look like a bunch of asses.  But hey go for it. The more you do it, the better we look. Just sayin…