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As we just celebrated Mother’s Day on Sunday I’m writing this post about something that made me shake my head and question what the hell is wrong with people. You all know that Twitter provides me with a wealth of material, but this is something I never thought I’d ever see in a million years.

Ah, what? So you’re suggesting I’m a 2nd class citizen because I am at home raising my kids? She also goes even further and says that stay at home mom’s are lazy and UN-AMERICAN! Really? Staying at home with my kids is the most difficult and rewarding “job” I’ve ever had. It’s work. It isn’t just a walk in the park.

Yesterday I took the time to personally ask her about this and she attempted to say it was a poor choice of words, but her comments after trying to back track were to the contrary.

“Use of that term was unfortunate. I judge pol. opinions by how much one studies politics and don’t see relevance of motherhood””I don’t have a problem w moms who study politics, but w anyone who wants their opinion to be taken seriously and doesn’t study”

So she didn’t really mean what she said. If we who stay home and care for our kids don’t have an Ivy League degree in political science we are not relevant. She is just a young misguided woman who doesn’t have kids.  She has been brainwashed by bigger problem of… feminism (yes feminism).

Feminists claim to support the choices of all women. They support the choice for a woman to kill her unborn child, but if a woman chooses to stay at home and raise her own children, well that is just an abomination. Note to conservative women, feminists (or feminazi’s) don’t care about your views or beliefs because most likely they view them as setting their movement back (even though they are all about a woman’s right to choose, so long as it’s what they approve of).

If feminists cared about all women then they would take a stand when ANY woman is attacked for her beliefs. Prime example of this would be NOW’s failure to make a statement against Bill Maher when he called Sarah Palin a “dumb twat”. So to any feminists out there, do me a favor, don’t support my choices. I don’t need you. I have plenty of other people who support me and my decisions, and political views. Most of them are men.


So you know how the lefties are constantly saying how hateful us GOP/Tea Partiers are? Well I have some news for you THEY LIE! Oh no wait, you knew that already (I am assuming you do, you guys aren’t idiots).

Last night on Twitter I personally experienced some of that Liberal hate. You’ll see it for yourself momentarily. I did kind of sink to the level of this troll in the fact that I did call her a bitch (but I have a feeling you will agree after you see what she said). I kept wondering is she serious? Is this what you get when you don’t agree with the Left? Personal attacks? If you don’t agree with me fine, it’s a free country, we are allowed to disagree, but find a point and call me out on it. So I won’t keep you in suspense, here are the incredibly hateful and hurtful things said to me, and honestly I was bothered for awhile but now I just laugh. Click on each image to see in detail.

So Liberals, is this how you represent yourselves now? I can answer that for you YES! In the protests in Madison, town hall meetings, you make yourselves look like a bunch of asses.  But hey go for it. The more you do it, the better we look. Just sayin…