Hi everyone today’s post I am plugging the Training Bomb that American Majority is hosting on 9/17/11 across the country.

From http://www.trainingbomb.com

Sign-up below to be a part of American Majority’s inaugural Training Bomb on September 17th. Not only will it be the biggest one-day training of conservative activists ever, but American Majority is going to be introducing new lectures, new manuals, and new projects. Help us make the day a success by signing up and spreading the word. Together we can, and will, make the right change happen in this country.

At the end I will put the link up so you can see if there is a training session in your location so you can sign up and be up to date on how WE can make a difference and make things right in this country again.

I will be attending the session in Appleton, WI, the details are posted on the website. The cost if you are going to take the activist track is $25 and if you choose to take the candidate/campaign manager track it is $50. This is money that will be well spent as we will have up to date materials and we can once again hit the ground running. So I urge you all if you can make it to one of the locations on 9/17/11, do so.

If you are in Wisconsin join me. I look forward to seeing you all there.

As promised here is the link with the locations and directions on how to sign up: http://trainingbomb.com/


Washington is giving me a headache, anyone else? Here are my thoughts on the matter. It is a free country, disagree as you see fit (and lefties, you can go ahead and say what you want, I have heard it all before).

1) Cut the entitlements & spending.

2) Don’t raise our taxes, if you cut the extra crap we don’t need to have our taxes raised. I am tired of the tax the rich rhetoric being spewed by the left. I may not be rich, but it is very un-capitalistic to penalize people for being successful. Also, if you increase corporate taxes how do you expect jobs to be created? Savings in taxes will help.

3) Don’t default on the debt, if this happens our country is doomed to the fate of Greece. If you think this won’t have an effect on you personally, YOU ARE DEAD WRONG! If the country is downgraded to an AA rating it will hurt us as individuals. It will be harder than it already is to get a job, interest rates will go up and this country will go down in flames. It may seem pessimistic, but it is the truth and sometimes the truth hurts!

I have 2 very little reasons to think this way.  Their future is the most important thing to me.  They need to have one.  With the way the left is spending they won’t and that is unacceptable. It is time to stand up to Washington and tell them what we want and what America needs. I am not ready to see this country crash and burn and I hope you aren’t either.

I am leaving you with the latest video from Steven Crowder. It is very to the point. No more bailouts, government does not belong in capitalism. Let failing business fail so other business can thrive, the circle of life.

A Fourth of July Thank You

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The purpose of my post today is a simple one, it is just to say “Thank You” to our soldiers. But not just our active duty soldiers. I want to make sure that we say “thanks” and “we appreciate you” to our veterans as well, it doesn’t matter what war or even if they were in a war, they could have served during peace time, they still served us, so don’t forget them. Let us also not forget our fallen soldiers, those who may have been killed in battle or justsuccumbed to old age, if you’re religious say a prayer of thanks for them, if you aren’t religious, send up a good thought.

Also let us not forget the military spouses and families. Their sacrifice is a great one, sending your beloved off to war, while staying at home and maybe raising a family, praying each day that you don’t see the men in suits coming to your door to tell you the news you dread. Thank you military families for your sacrifices as well.

Thank you to my grandfathers, father-in-law , uncles, and countless friends for your service to our great nation. It will never be forgotten and I will always be thankful as will so many others.

I’m going to leave it at that today. God bless America and all that she stands for. Happy Independence Day.


As we just celebrated Mother’s Day on Sunday I’m writing this post about something that made me shake my head and question what the hell is wrong with people. You all know that Twitter provides me with a wealth of material, but this is something I never thought I’d ever see in a million years.

Ah, what? So you’re suggesting I’m a 2nd class citizen because I am at home raising my kids? She also goes even further and says that stay at home mom’s are lazy and UN-AMERICAN! Really? Staying at home with my kids is the most difficult and rewarding “job” I’ve ever had. It’s work. It isn’t just a walk in the park.

Yesterday I took the time to personally ask her about this and she attempted to say it was a poor choice of words, but her comments after trying to back track were to the contrary.

“Use of that term was unfortunate. I judge pol. opinions by how much one studies politics and don’t see relevance of motherhood””I don’t have a problem w moms who study politics, but w anyone who wants their opinion to be taken seriously and doesn’t study”

So she didn’t really mean what she said. If we who stay home and care for our kids don’t have an Ivy League degree in political science we are not relevant. She is just a young misguided woman who doesn’t have kids.  She has been brainwashed by bigger problem of… feminism (yes feminism).

Feminists claim to support the choices of all women. They support the choice for a woman to kill her unborn child, but if a woman chooses to stay at home and raise her own children, well that is just an abomination. Note to conservative women, feminists (or feminazi’s) don’t care about your views or beliefs because most likely they view them as setting their movement back (even though they are all about a woman’s right to choose, so long as it’s what they approve of).

If feminists cared about all women then they would take a stand when ANY woman is attacked for her beliefs. Prime example of this would be NOW’s failure to make a statement against Bill Maher when he called Sarah Palin a “dumb twat”. So to any feminists out there, do me a favor, don’t support my choices. I don’t need you. I have plenty of other people who support me and my decisions, and political views. Most of them are men.

So you know how the lefties are constantly saying how hateful us GOP/Tea Partiers are? Well I have some news for you THEY LIE! Oh no wait, you knew that already (I am assuming you do, you guys aren’t idiots).

Last night on Twitter I personally experienced some of that Liberal hate. You’ll see it for yourself momentarily. I did kind of sink to the level of this troll in the fact that I did call her a bitch (but I have a feeling you will agree after you see what she said). I kept wondering is she serious? Is this what you get when you don’t agree with the Left? Personal attacks? If you don’t agree with me fine, it’s a free country, we are allowed to disagree, but find a point and call me out on it. So I won’t keep you in suspense, here are the incredibly hateful and hurtful things said to me, and honestly I was bothered for awhile but now I just laugh. Click on each image to see in detail.

So Liberals, is this how you represent yourselves now? I can answer that for you YES! In the protests in Madison, town hall meetings, you make yourselves look like a bunch of asses.  But hey go for it. The more you do it, the better we look. Just sayin…

So yesterday I waited (and waited) for president Obama to discuss the budget. I’m still waiting. He spoke yesterday in his typical fashion of speaking but saying nothing. He did however kick off his re-election campaign for 2012 in typical Obama (or Obummer) style.

The goal of his speech (other than to kick start his campaign) was to scare the crap out of 1) Seniors, 2) families, & 3) students by telling them that we weren’t going to have the money to take care of our own people. He started things off just as I expected, blaming Bush for everything while taking responsibility for NOTHING. That’s his thing though, he places the burden on everyone else so he doesn’t have to take responsibility for anything, a typical characteristic of an insecure man-child.

He stated that “everything was on the table” but in Obama’s world (and also Boehner’s apparently) everything=nothing, and investment=spending. His answer, tax the rich some more, the rich who pay over 50% of the nations taxes, which he also reminded us several times during his speech how rich he was. Obama spoke of the CBO’s worthy goals, but went on to disregard them. In the words of Paul Ryan, he appeared that he was going to offer an olive branch but instead poisoned the well.

He refuses to cut any entitlement programs, and wants to continue spending. Our problem is NOT with taxation. It is with all of the spending. It’s like giving your teenager your credit card and say “go nuts”.  It’s craziness. What we need right now is Paul Ryan’s plan. Make the cuts now so the money is there for the future.  I am posting the link  to the  the video of Paul Ryan’s plan (for some reason I can’t post it here, please go look its worth the view) because he explains it so much better than I can:


This is what this country needs right now.  Not the continued spending that our president proposes. He wants to cut defense spending, do you think that is a good idea? I certainly don’t, this is not the time for that.

I found the most ridiculous part of that farce of a speech to be his “if we don’t reach the goal by 2014 we’ll cut more then”. He sounds like an addict, saying “I can quit anytime I want to”. If we were to follow his plan on “investing” we will get nowhere. His plans are going to destroy the future for my children, their children, so on and so on. That is what upsets me the most, he is going to destroy this country and my kids are going to have to pay for this.  We are screwed if we follow his non existent cuts.

Since this was his campaign kick off speech, let us makes sure that he is a one term president. We can’t afford to have him in office any longer. We can’t afford a president who refuses to do anything about raising energy prices because all he is concerned about is his clean energy plan. He’s a condescending man-child who is very apparently insecure. Obama was not qualified to begin with, and has learned nothing since taking office. I hope that this nation can remember this when 2012 rolls around.

My fellow Wisconsinites April 5th is coming upon us fast (Tuesday) and we have one really big state election and to my fellow residents of Milwaukee County we have a big one here.

At the state level we have the incumbent, Justice Prosser going up against Joanne Kloppenburg. This is a VERY EXTREMELY important race.  Kloppenburg has spent the last 21 years being the lackey attorney for the DNR, taking cases against ordinary citizens for the most mundane, ridiculous things:

1) As the state’s environmental law enforcer, Kloppenburg represented the DNR and state in cases that angered developers, homeowners, and businesses, and she has argued against more local and legislative control (especially when R…epublican legislators took actions to protect citizens upset over what one labeled DNR “arrogance.”)

“It’s a good example of government gone amok,” said the lawyer for a couple who accused the state of rendering their dream property worthless through bureaucratic bungling and zealousness. In another case, Kloppenburg praised as “wonderful” a court decision where a woman couldn’t build a deck on a lake home she inherited from her grandfather.

One case involving Kloppenburg sparked an upset Wisconsin couple to write the governor , accusing the state of rendering their property worthless through bureaucratic bungling and zealous regulation. “It sure puts a sour note on our life,” said one homeowner of the state action against him.

2) A Forest County man battled state officials to keep his retirement home. He had been ordered to move the $170,000 home because it was 15 feet from a lake. The state Supreme Court overruled the appellate court and said the man didn’t h…ave to move his home. The 74-year-old man told the media he just wanted to retire in peace. ”I’m getting so . . . old. I won’t see the end of the case by the way it’s going,” the man said. ”It’s getting too expensive.” The media said a contractor had erroneously built the man’s home too close to the lake. The elderly man had spent more than $80,000 in legal fees. It would cost $130,000 to move the house. A judge had disagreed with the local county saying it was wrong to make the man move his house. The appeals court overruled the judge. The state Supreme Court was unanimous in its decision siding with the judge and allowing the man to not have to move his house. Although she was not listed on court documents as the attorney of record, and while acknowledging the decision was fair, Kloppenburg was interviewed by the media and praised the case for reinforcing the rights of the state to enforce shoreline zoning codes. She said the case “’reconfirms the paramount interest of the state, of all of us, in the protection of our waters through shore land zoning.” (Wisconsin State Journal, July 2, 1998.) Kloppenburg has also been at the center of opposing state Legislative attempts to rein in the power of the DNR and state Department of Justice when it comes to environmental enforcement (she has supported the DNR’s greater pursuit of power in court). In some of those cases, which reached the state Supreme Court, incumbent Justice David Prosser disagreed with Kloppenburg, who argued for the DNR to have more power, and the Legislature to have less, when it came to disputes between the state and private landowners.

3) Homeowners William and Lynn Gerrits didn’t want to have to move their home near a creek in Kaukauna and they had a variance from the zoning law that said the buildings needed to be 75 feet from the water. It would cost $50,000 to move …their house back 18 feet more, and only parts of the home (the deck, and part of the garage) were within the 75 feet. A local county board granted the couple a variance because it determined that the local government failed to tell the homeowners the house was too close to the creek when issuing a building permit. The board found the home was not contrary to public interests. The attorney for the couple noted in court documents: “In a day when raw sewage is dumped into our lakes by cities after heavy rainstorms; in a day when it is commonplace for beaches to be closed due to unhealthy levels of contaminants, we find the state of Wisconsin bringing its force not to clean our lakes and streams, but to make a homeowner move a deck and garage,” But Kloppenburg, argued for the state that the couple didn’t deserve a variance, “We are not picking fights with anybody,” she said. “We want to make sure statewide everybody is following the same standards. … Studies show indisputably that development within the setbacks does harm water quality over time. The science is very sound.” (AP, Jan. 13, 2004).

Here is a link to the list of endorsements of Justice Prosser: http://www.justiceprosser.com/index.php/endorsements

Now onto Milwaukee County. The position of Milwaukee County Executive is open since our former exec is now our governor (yay Scott!). I hope you all have enough sense on this to vote for Jeff Stone, an experienced member of legislature, here are some highlights:

Representative Stone began elective public service as a member of the Greenfield Common Council in 1994 and served through 1998. During four (4) years as alderman, Stone worked to control taxes, and build a sound fiscal plan. The city debt was nearly eliminated by the plans put in place during Jeff’s tenure as Finance Chair, and the City’s Bond Rating was upgraded.

In April 1998 while finishing a term as President of the Greenfield City Council, Jeff was elected to the Wisconsin State Assembly in a Special Election. He was re-elected in November of that year to a full term, and since has been re-elected four (4) more times.

  • State Representative Jeff Stone was born in Topeka, Kansas January 28, 1961
  • B.A. Washburn University, Topeka, Kansas magna cum laude and Phi Kappa Phi 1983; Political Science and History
  • Graduated West Muskingam High School, Zanesville, Ohio
  • Printing business owner 23 years
  • Member: Metropolitan Milwaukee Association of Commerce (MMAC); Partners of Parks, Greenfield; Greenfield Chamber of Commerce (past secretary); Greendale Lions; Milwaukee County’s Park People

This last session the frustration truly mounted. Several of us on behalf of our Republican colleagues stepped across the partisan aisle in an effort to bridge ideologies and work toward creative solutions as the economy struggled and jobs continued to be lost. Know that your consistent feedback was crucial in giving precision, purpose and motivation to that effort.

As an experienced, fiscally conservative legislator Stone’s top priorities have consistently been:

  • Reducing Government Spending & Tax Reform,
  • Economic Development, Infrastructure and Job Creation,
  • Campaign and Election Reform, and Protecting our Wisconsin Quality of Life.

Now onto Chris Abele, his liberal, thinks he’s above the law opponent with absolutely no experience running anything except away from the law. Some facts about Mr Abele:

  • In July 1996, Abele was arrested in the northern suburb for driving while under the influence. Milwaukee police began pursuing Abele’s green, two-door Mazda after he was clocked driving 65 miles per hour in a 35 mph zone. After a short chase, Abele finally pulled over at the intersection of N. Port Washington Rd. and W. Silver Spring Dr. in Glendale.
  • He didn’t address the issue for 7 years! A warrant was issued for his arrest in 2003. He could have served the time or pay the fine, obviously he paid the fine.
  • In 2006 he had an altercation with his neighbor, attorney Michael Hupy. The Altercation ended with Mr Abele shooting a firework at Hupy.

Is this someone we really want running our county? He is 44 years old and acts like a spoiled little rich 18 year old. Vote Jeff Stone for Milwaukee County Executive on April 5th.


*Special Thanks to my friend Marty Scheuer for the research on this.